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  1. It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at HQ.  We’re starting to catch up on our makes for the festive season, not to mention autumn before its been and gone.  Times goes so quickly now, definitely a case of blink and you’ve missed it.

    Some people are aware of our new brand of candles, Mythology which we’ve recently launched.  We’re having a big drive to get it properly out into the market, including getting our packaging and labelling right.  We want every candle to feel precious, like treasure, whether they are given or received as a gift or purchased as an indulgence.

    Fast Labels deserve a special mention for the help they have given us on our journey Their service is great, delivery fast, and the labels are just lovely.  These are the ones we have:  I’ve added a couple of candle testing images so you can see how they look on our white jars (do forgive the photography, there’s a big difference between the ones I take, to my photographer’s).  They’re so versatile that we are using them in lots and lots of different applications.  I’m really thrilled with them and excited to work with these guys in the future.


    IMG_0706Candle TestingCandle Testing 1